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Deliverable D1.1.1 Initial common requirements specification (M4)

SVN current committed version: http://svn.aksw.org/projects/GeoKnow/Deliverables/D1.1.1/D1.1.1_Initial_Common_Requirements_Specification.pdf

Additional requirements

The main contributions to this document will be provided by Unister and Brox, supported by Ontos and InfAI. However, all project participants should feel free to add their requirements and use cases.

You may use the following template to describe them.

Use Case "Example Use Case"

  • Use Case Description:
    • We want to connect location information from our triplified ERP with LinkedGeoData.
  • Requirements for this use case:
    • Functional requirement FR1: Identify sameAs candidates by geocoordinate or label.
    • Functional requirement FR2: Validate candidates by parent hierarchy label.
    • Interface requirement IR1: Support SPARQL 1.1 endpoint of triplified ERP.


Use Case "Template"

  • Contributor:
    • [[User:]]
  • Use Case Description:
    • ...
  • Requirements for this use case:
    • ... requirement xR1: ...
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