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  • Wednesday, August 7th, 2 pm CET
  • via Skype
  • at least one responsible person per partner and all WP leaders or deputies should take part in the telco


  • Jens Lehman (InfAI)
  • Sandra Prätor (vacation)




  • due deliverables
    • M12: D1.3.2 Continuous Report on Performance Evaluation - OpenLink
    • M12: D1.4.1 Initial prototype of the GeoKnow Generator - Ontos

latest action

TODO Everyone: cross-check user requirements documents whether anything is missing.


due deliverables

  • M06: D2.2.1 Integration of External Geospatial Databases - ATH, InfAI
  • M12: D2.3.1 Prototype of built-in geospatial capabilities - OpenLink

latest action

  • D2.3.1 work just started, query optimization in progress, getting cardinalities right, geospatial locality,
  • Mirko: use new LGD datasets and try loading them
  • T2.1 OpenLink [M3]: Load OSM as SQL into Virtuoso, will convert openstreetmap to virtuoso and then Costas would test it: Mirko needs to load the data again in order to test it
  • T2.1 InfAI [M3]: Provide an RDF full dump of OSM - ONGOING
  • T2.2 OpenLink [M3]: Provide "Natural Earth" datasets conversion tools - basically done,
  • Orri: “there is now a cost model that is correct” - difference between sql and sparql: factor 2.5x (Virtuoso compared to MonetDB) ToDO Arrange Telco between OpenLink and * Athena to discuss contributions on DB internals in regard to query optimization, ToDo: Hugh: Needs to put the tools into the OpenSource tree and contact Athena
  • T2.2 Athena [M6]: Initial ETL bridge tool for mapping spatial SQL GIS to RDF/GeoSPARQL --> [Ongoing]/In schedule/Support for shapefiles, Oracle and PostGIS databases [done]


due deliverables

  • M09: D3.1.1 Development of first prototype for spatially interlinking data sets - InfAI
  • M11: D3.2.1 Fusing of geographic features - Athena

latest action

  • D3.1.1 ask for a shift to M13, change in DoW
  • Axel [M11+]: Integrate D3.2.1 implementation into LIMES
  • Axel: Create other/better specs for DBpedia

To Do: set up telco to clarify several aspects


due deliverables

  • M12: D4.1.1 Initial release spatial-semantic exploration component - InfAI

latest action

  • discussion of heat map visualisation
  • T4.2 InfAI [M6]:Available at
  • T4.2 InfAI [M8]: Design an initial mockup for batch editing and reconciliation of spatial data within the GeoKnow Generator:
  • widgets set
  • T4.3 Unister: start collecting your envisioned use-case scenarios and workflows in a document
    • update:work in progress, use cases set up on how to use the collected data


due deliverables

  • M09: D5.1.1 RDF representation of RFID information - BROX

latest action

  • Task 5.1, InfAI (with feedback from Brox): create a list of relevant datasets in the web of data until end of February
    • OpenLink/BROX: find out how to integrate a BI tool to provide added value for the use case
    • For a later deliverable (not the next one:) Find BI questions that can be answered by (a) available data (b) that would need integrating more data - ask users what they want
    • BROX: full conversion of required message types -> no EDI anymore, only CSV to RDF, ToDo: BROX: get in touch with Andreas (UNISTER) and Alejandra (ONTOS) on use case at the end of the month Clarification on the subject (if at all)
    • Jens/Michael Martin provide WP 5 (Mirko) with relevant datasets-->Clarification needed
    • Matthias: reg. Sparqlify: get in touch with Claus, (parental leave for 1 more month)

To do: Christiane: send email to Matthias for clarification


due deliverables

  • M06: D6.1.1 Report on customer data selection and retrieval - Unister, InfAI: collection of data, report finalized
  • M12: D6.1.2 Report on customer data preparation and transformation for linked data usage - Unister
  • M12: D6.2.1 Integration component model for the E-Commerce use case - Unister

latest action

  • get in touch with Konrad Höffner (InfAI)
  • Claus: set up WikiPage
  • Unister: organise meeting/telco to discuss WP6 (ongoing)--> maybe done in Athens
  • telco on Task 6.2- (ongoing)
  • D6.1.2 started prototype linking, in progress
  • D6.2.1 started prototype linking, in progress, suggested to move deadline further as it requires a lot of workload


due deliverables

  • M08: D7.3.1 First standardization report - InfAI. OpenLink, Ontos
  • , standards that are in use [ALL] : to complete the list
  • M12: D7.1.3 First dissemination report - Ontos, on track
  • M12: D7.2.1 Exploitation plan - Unister

latest action

  • Mirko (Brox) to add one about LDBC meeting
  • report to Alejandra the papers founded by GeoKnow
  • Alejandra: remind all partners of how to add GeoKnow publications (for dissemination)


due deliverables

  • M06: D8.2.1 Intermediate project report - InfAI
    • about to be submitted


  • Enlargement (negotiation meeting on June 14, extended DoW and GPFs in preparation)
  • Negotiating meeting at July 12
  • DoW changes to be completed until: July 6, most changes fixed

TODO: Nadine to look into an issue financial numbers for IMP (InFAI will get a mail on this)

Fixes for the DoW

Dissemination and Cooperation

ESWC blogposts meetings Tweet! @geoknow

General Next Telco : September 4th

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