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Some notes to fill this article from the google doc

Data Requirements

  • ensure that data is up to date
  • Perform iterations on data process
    • by means of settings
    • measures to say if need another iteration or human intervention
    • use workflow tools to define data process
    • Auto defined workflow process that can evaluate data and decide is some other process needs to be done - ADD to quality assurance component (cannot be integrated on the first prototype)
  • As enterprise you get a copy of all RDF if data changes it has to be reloaded (update) - data updates to be integrated in WP2.

Integration requirements

  • To use LOD stack for integration of tools

Performance Requirements:

  • to be described by every component developer

Application Requirements

  • Notification Services
  • BROX interested in semantic PingBack technology - different from order confirmation...
  • Is it to be defined in the BI
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